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Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Local Information

Local Information


Getting Here

There are daily flights to Francisco B. Reyes Airport (USU) in Coron from Manila.  Currently we enjoy service from Cebu Pacific Air and PAL Express, and Skyjet.  Outside the airport are several aircon vans lined up waiting to bring you to Coron.  The cost is 150 piso per person.  A private van can be arranged for 1500 piso. 


You can also reach Coron by ferry banka via El Nido.  There are a few operators that make the almost daily trip.  Beware of any trip that does not depart from the main pier.  The Phillipine Coast Guard checks the boat, ensuring safety, prior to departure.  There have been complaints from guests taking unlicensed bankas, dropping the guests an hour outside of El Nido or Coron.



The Philippines is best described as having a Tropical Rainforest Climate. The daily temperature is around 30 C. with 80% humidity year round.  January to June is our dry season.  July to December is our wet season.  That usually means that we get about an hour of rain every afternoon.  It is uncommon but possible for the rain to settle in for a few days.



The local time in the Philippines is GMT+8.  Right now the time is:

Money Matters

The official currency is the Philippine Piso.  US Dollars and Euros are changed quite easily.  Better exchange rates are found in the bigger cities such as Manila and Cebu.  Credit Cards are accepted at a growing number of places in Coron, be prepared for a 10-15% surcharge for using your credit card.  ATMs are available at Allied Bank, Metro Bank, and BPI branch in Coron, contrary to what most guide books say.  Neptune Dive Center accepts Philippine Pisos, US Dollars, Master Card, and Visa.  We also have a Paypal account for your convenience.

Local Language

The official languages of the Philippines are Tagalog and English.  While there are many local dialects in the Philippines, the majority of people you meet will speak at least a little English.

Health Concerns

Locally we have the Coron District Hospital.  Doctor services are free, but you must pay for any supplies are used.  There are several pharmacies that sell items are reasonable prices.  We also have two dentists that are quite reliable.  Malaria is not a major concern in Coron.  Sprays like OFF are appropriate to ward off mosquitoes.

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